Inspire Innovation with a Creative Billing and Charging Platform in 2021

Tough competition beckons in 2021 as companies strive to get out of the rut that was 2020. After the hiccups of Covid-19 pandemic, it is the right and possibly the only time, to maximize revenue for both MNOs and MVNOs. One of the most fundamental requirements for showing innovation in telecom service delivery is by improving the billing and charging functions.

Move to Convergent Charging System for Best Results

In order to stay progressive and bring in creativity, you simply need to have the right tools for the job. A convergent charging system serves as centralized place to charge every transaction. What it means is that you are not only able to charge every service but also monetize plans with a combination of distinct/disparate services.

An interesting combination of different services is more likely to appeal to the subscribers. You can also offer a wide range of discounting schemes to attract customers to certain packages.

Another thing that an Online Charging System offers is simplicity and intuitiveness. It is way simpler to organize a system that lets you calibrate all services via a single platform. Every player in the market – MNO, MVNE, MVNA and MVNO – can be served better with a fully-functional Online Charging System (OCS). In short, a dynamic OCS is the most pressing requirement of 2021.

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