Stay One-Step Ahead of Customer Needs with Revolutionary Billing and Charging

Billing and charging are both critical aspects of modern-day telecom operations. In order to thrive in today’s market, you need the best billing platform that can offer complete transparency and keep customers on board.

Meet Requirements in Real-Time with Online Charging System

Billing and Charging

An Online Charging System (OCS) is a type of convergent charging system that caters to the unique needs of businesses. It has the capacity to store large amount of data, and the processing power to charge every service in real-time i.e., <5ms.

Due to the fast speed of service charging, it becomes possible to charge and rate both event- and session-based services at the same time. Telecom operators can now collate every service charge on a single document. This provides complete convenience and comfort to the customers using multiple services from an operator.

Another important facet of OCS is its ability to offer credit control and real-time notifications. Customers get immediate notifications when they are just about to exceed their allotted quota of data limit or call minutes. Hence, they never really have to pay anything extra, unless they actually want to go over the limit to use additional services.

The OCS allows for quick monetization and telcos are easily able to bundle different services as per their marketing strategy. It offers complete revenue assurance and comes with bolstered data security.

They don’t even know the possibilities of convergent charging and what it can offer, which is a shame because it can make a huge difference.

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Inspire Innovation with a Creative Billing and Charging Platform in 2021

Tough competition beckons in 2021 as companies strive to get out of the rut that was 2020. After the hiccups of Covid-19 pandemic, it is the right and possibly the only time, to maximize revenue for both MNOs and MVNOs. One of the most fundamental requirements for showing innovation in telecom service delivery is by improving the billing and charging functions.

Move to Convergent Charging System for Best Results

In order to stay progressive and bring in creativity, you simply need to have the right tools for the job. A convergent charging system serves as centralized place to charge every transaction. What it means is that you are not only able to charge every service but also monetize plans with a combination of distinct/disparate services.

An interesting combination of different services is more likely to appeal to the subscribers. You can also offer a wide range of discounting schemes to attract customers to certain packages.

Another thing that an Online Charging System offers is simplicity and intuitiveness. It is way simpler to organize a system that lets you calibrate all services via a single platform. Every player in the market – MNO, MVNE, MVNA and MVNO – can be served better with a fully-functional Online Charging System (OCS). In short, a dynamic OCS is the most pressing requirement of 2021.

Solve Complex Telecom Business Issues with Convergent Charging

Enforce policies better and immediately win subscribers’ trust with convergent charging. A real-time online charging system offers convergence in billing and allows you to integrate complex tariff plans easily. Incorporating new services and attractive bundle packages becomes simple and you are able to exploit market trends by launching plans quickly. Convergence allows you to keep up with the emerging technology and fulfil new customer demand whenever they arise.

convergent charging

Convergent charging is a concept that all businesses in the telecoms industry need to familiarize themselves with. In the simplest of explanations, this type of charging method allows providers to consolidate all of their rendered services into one solo platform.

Prevent Revenue Losses by Setting up a True Real Time Charging System

To say that the telecom sector is full of competition is quite an understatement. Apart from the prominent service providers, you also have a plethora of mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) that offer their services at highly affordable rates.

If you run one such network, you would know how difficult it is to meet your bottom line in this environment. Unhappy customers can switch to a different provider at a moment’s notice. But happier clients are just as tricky when it comes to maintaining brand loyalty. You need to keep offering state of the art solutions that excite your customers and keep them from leaving your service for a competitor.

An essential service such as real time charging can prove quite handy in appealing to your clients. With its transparent billing, minimal errors, and faster service, a real-time charging system is precisely what you need to bring your services to the forefront in your customer’s minds.

What is Real Time Charging?

Real-time charging solutions help you actively charge your customers for the services they use. As the name suggests, these charges will incur in real-time, which in other words means that your customers are billed as they use any services, as opposed to being billed after they have used a service.

It might seem like a small difference at first, but real time charging can revolutionize your billing for the better. Among other advantages, it provides benefits such as a smarter network, accurate billing, and efficient services.

However, as a MVNO, it isn’t always easy to set up a real-time charging system that successfully delivers on all expectations. You need to be careful about what kind of real-time charging solutions are you enabling for your network. That’s why it is essential to keep the following points in mind while setting up real time charging systems.

Check If It Supports Convergent Billing

The first thing that should be on your mind is to set up a real-time charging system that holds the latest technologies within it. While any real time charging mechanism will allow you to deduct accurate charges, some variations are more effective than others.

For instance, a convergent real time billing system doesn’t only help you automate your charges. It also consolidates them for better management and accounting.

Through a convergent real time billing system, your customers don’t have to pay for different services or accounts on an individual basis. While they still get charged in real time, their charges come consolidated in a single bill.

This makes it easier for customers to pay for different subscriptions and even accounts. It also sets your service apart from operators who do not offer this feature.

Learn the End Charges for Yourself

Before you enter into a contract for real-time charging solutions, make sure that their actual charges do not cost you a fortune.

This is highly important if you are looking at long term growth for your network while also providing efficient billing services to customers.

Make sure that you are comparing different providers’ charges and services side by side before making a decision. Those who are confident in their services will also be able to answer any questions you have, so don’t shy away from having your team gather the answers that you require.

This method helps you find a real-time charging system that can serve as a long-term solution for business. It goes a long way by managing your costs while providing state of the art services to your customers.

Obtain Your Services From a Reliable Provider

Another elementary yet very crucial aspect is to obtain your real time charging services from a reliable provider.

You should look for a provider that has been operating in the industry for a while, has a track record of serving other networks and MVNOs, and holds a credible reputation for using the latest technologies.

This makes sure that you are not handing your network’s fate into the hands of a sub-par infrastructure. Rather, you are paying for services that make a difference for your network’s service. This approach also gives you the confidence that you are setting up your real-time charging solutions with the latest advancements.

At (v)WeCare, we offer state of the art, cloud-based online charging solutions that are built to scale any network’s services to the next level. With automated billing, access-based controls, and native CRM, we can provide you and your customers with the level of service that you are looking for today.

Whether you are ready to move to our real-time charging system right away or if you have any questions regarding the efficacy of our services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. We will be glad to answer your inquiries and provide you with solutions that fit your needs the best.

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Reimagine Telecom Billing Services with a Competent Convergent Charging System

The rapid changes in the telecom industry have made the task of telcos extremely difficult. The disruption caused by the increased use of OTT (over the top) services has been a huge factor in the diminishing profits of some of the biggest telecom operators across the globe. To make up for the lost revenue, telecom companies are looking to launch new services across different verticals. However, managing such an effort is not simple, not unless you have best telecom billing systems at your disposal.

Make the Most of Telecom Billing Services to Launch New Services Fast

No all telecom operators are blessed with in-house development teams that can devise new billing systems to meet the emerging requirements of their business. Some operators are still using older IN based billing systems that are not efficient at all. These systems act like a bottleneck and prevent a telecom operator from bringing his new services in the market on time. This compromises their best laid plans to exploit current market situations. For example, if a telco (using an obsolete billing system) wants to launch a new bundle that immediately addresses the current requirements of his subscribers, he would have to first contact the billing vendor and get the software re-built or altered. The time it takes for such an alteration may be too much and the opportunity may pass him by.

To avoid such a situation from occurring, it is best to partner with telecom billing services that offer cutting-edge telecom billing solutions that can launch any new plan immediately. This will reduce the time to market of new telecom offerings and allow operators to improve profits. However, before investing in a new telecom billing system, you need to ensure that it has the following functionalities:

  1. Monetization of New Partnership Ventures

Partner onboarding can be made more rewarding by using a telecom billing system that is capable of monetizing the association. The need of the hour is a billing system that does the following efficiently:

  1. Bundles partner services into packages
  2. Delivers APIs to associating vendors for their benefit
  3. Takes care of confusing settlement models with different partners
  4. Has support for new digital economy
  • Convergent Billing

Given the pace at which new services are launched by telcos, sending and receiving different bills for each service sounds like a chore for both service providers and subscribers. A much better option is to switch to the best telecom billing systems that allow for convergent charging and billing. Convergent billing for all services via convergent charging system like OCS makes monetization of complex services like IoT quite simple. Moreover, convergent billing places all customer usage in a single location, which makes it easily accessible for both customer services providers and the subscribers.


Given the current state of competition in the telecom industry, it has become imperative for telecom operators to invest in the best telecom billing systems. However, a billing system is only worth your effort and time if it allows for convergence and monetization of complex services.

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Best Things About Convergent Charging

With the advancement of technology, the telecom industry is going through quick transitions. The workflow and requirements keep on changing according to customer and business trends. Any laxity in tending to the ongoing trends can be detrimental to a business operation, and in some cases even lead to the complete breakdown of a telecom operation. Hence, it is essential to incorporate vital functionalities into one’s telecom billing software to avoid failure at all cost.

Track Telecom offers with the Fast MVNE Solution

Telgoo5’s stage is advanced and coordinated; ready to deal with a lot of interest. Despite the fact that we have a lot of fulfilled customers, we ensure that every one of them can pick a tweaked arrangement that fits them superbly. We comprehend that each business has various needs and will go along with us at different phases of their advancement. Thusly, we treat every single business as a novel accomplice that we are focused on serving. This dedication from us keeps your business allowed to do the significant work of pulling in new clients, constructing your image, and making your business as well as can be expected be. Consider Telgoo5 a strong stage that enables you to concentrate on the urgent work developing your business.


MVNE’s are the center of your business; pick Telgoo5 which is related with the greatest MVNO’s and best aggregators.

convergent charging and billing

In the event that you are another MVNO or MNO, you need a MVNE accomplice that has your back. Telgoo5 is that accomplice!

What Online Charging System For MVNO Experts Don’t Want You To Know

When a customer receives a bill that he did not expect, it is called a bill shock. Too many bill shocks and you, as an operator, risk losing your customers. The situation is particularly grim for MVNO when it comes to bill shock. As they already have a smaller number of subscribers when compared with MNOs, a loss of customers can be back breaking for their business. After analysis, it has been proven that a faltering OCS is mostly the cause of bill shocks.

Transform Your Fortunes with a Better OCS

Your OCS directly dictates how well you are able to monetize your services and bill the subscribers. Therefore, you should always pay special attention to your billing software and especially the OCS. Below are some essential functions that you should look for in your OCS system.

  1. Convergence – The constant increase in the number of services offered by mobile operators has created a need for convergence in billing. Customers simply abhor the prospect of receiving too many bills from the same vendor. An OCS that serves as a single point of charging of all services eliminates the need for creation of different bills. By using a quality online charging system, you can send your customers fully bifurcated bills with complete itemization. This creates more transparency in the billing process and fosters customer trust in your services.
  2. Adherence to 3GPP – Before selecting an OCS and telecom billing software, you should ensure that it adheres to the technical specifications prescribed by 3GPP. Only when your OCS is 3GPP compliant, you can expect real-time charging with no errors in billing. Flawless billing is the key to preventing revenue leakage.
  3. Scalability and flexibility – If your OCS cannot be scaled to meet the future requirements then it is worthless for you. Hence, you should invest in an OCS system that can perform billing and charging for an increasing customer base and expanding catalog of services. Your OCS should be flexible enough to charge present and future technologies for it to be of any real value to your business.
  4. Security of customer information – OCS has an ABMF function that stores vital customer information. This information needs to be protected from hackers. Hence, security of OCS should always be your primary concern before making a purchase. Telgoo5 is a cutting-edge OCS and it is fortified with latest security measures to prevent hack attacks.
  5. Innovative discounts – Discounts play a key role in evoking customer trust in your services. Always select an OCS that helps you quickly launch services and also apply innovative discounts. Discounts can be used for enforcing new business strategies. For example, if one of your services is not utilized by your customers as per your expectations, then you should provide the option of cross-product discounts and offer that service at a reduced price when bundled with any other popular service.


OCS plays a key role in managing the billing and charging functions of a telecom organization. To ensure that all billing tasks are handled efficiently and accurately, you should partner with experienced telecom billing vendors that can offer you a reliable OCS.

What to Look for in Your Next Telecom Charging System?

As companies change their focus and become more customer-centric, the importance of innovative telecom solutions has increased. Especially when it comes to accuracy in billing, there is no middle ground and you cannot survive without owning/leasing a robust and reliable telecom billing software. In today’s telecom operations, the most critical element of is OCS. After many revisions since its inception, OCS has improved dramatically and has become critical for modern-day charging and rating applications.

What is an OCS?

OCS System

Online charging system better known as OCS is a vital part of telecom billing architecture. It forms the real-time beating heart of any BSS. Every customer exchange – whether it is event-based or session-based – is accounted for by the OCS. It also features an Account Balance Management Function (ABMF) that stores and updates vital subscriber information. It is a great advancement in the telecom industry that fixes the many anomalies/limitations of erstwhile IN and offline billing systems. 

The Risks of a Flawed OCS

An OCS is the most critical component of any telecom operation. Whether you are an MVNO or a major network operator, you should understand that your whole brand image depends on this vital resource. As every user interaction is captured by OCS, it is crucial for all your billing tasks. In case your OCS is flawed, it may lead to the creation of error-ridden invoices that will be sent to your customers. If this happens, then your customers will most likely switch their operator, which will spell doom for your business. Therefore, you should put all your efforts in finding an accurate OCS solution that can be trusted.

Vital OCS Features You Should Be Concerned About

An OCS system has many attributes that determine its efficacy in any business model. While different telecom operators may have their own preferences about these features, there are some important attributes that are critical for all telecom billing operations:

  1. Security against hackers – The threat of hackers looms large over any business that is done on the Internet. As an OCS is connected to the web at all times, you need to pay special attention to the security measures employed by the OCS provider. Without proper security, you risk losing all the goodwill generated over many years in a matter of seconds.
  2. Scalability – The subscribers of an operator keep on changing with time. Without a scalable OCS, you are unable to keep up with the varying demand. Hence, scalability of the OCS should be kept as a top priority.
  3. Provision for future technologies – An OCS should not only address the present-day requirements but it should also be ready to meet the future needs. It should be able to fulfill the requirements of highly-promising technologies like 5G and IoT. Without any provision for future technologies, you might have to constantly change your OCS system, which is definitely bad for business.

Why Switch to a Versatile Telecom Charging System?

Not so long ago, voice calls and SMS were the staples of the telecom industry. Subscribers were happy as long as they could make high-fidelity voice calls and telecom operators were content with the profits they were making. However, nothing in this world stays stagnant, especially not when technology in the industry is moving at a rapid rate. With the launch of newer technologies and features, the competition between telcos sky-rocketed. As more and more operators got into the mix, the profits started receding. Right now, the race is to launch newer services and better plans. And, to win this race, telecom operators need a telecom charging system that can help them bring their offerings quickly to the market.

Increasing Complexity in Modern-Day Telecom Charging

Telecom charging systems of yesteryears did exactly what they were devised to do. They kept track of calls and SMS along with charging, rating and billing for the services. But, with the launch of newer services like VoIP, IPTV, multi-speed data services e.g. 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G etc., the playing field for telecom operators has changed considerably. Now, the same process of charging, rating and billing has become a lot more complex than it was ever before. Handling large amount of data that comes with modern billing is something that is unachievable for legacy billing systems.

Important Characteristics of Telecom Charging System

In case, you are still using a legacy charging system, it is time to move onto a cutting-edge system that helps you bring your new plans into the market, quicker than ever before. And, any good telecom operator knows that launching the right product at the right time is the recipe for success. Some major attributes that you should look for before procuring your next telecom charging system are listed below:

1. Backward compatibility – It is hard to make a switch to a new billing system instantly. Hence, you need a telecom charging system that is backward compatible with all your applications, so you can make a move to the new system at your own pace. This prevents you from suffering financial losses while you make the transition to your new telecom charging system.

Telecom Charging System

2. Event/Session-based charging – For an online charging system to be successful in the modern billing tasks, it should be flexible enough to perform both event-based and session-based charging. Event-based charging is required for services like SMS and session-based charging is needed for services like voice calls.

3. Provision for OTT partnerships – One of the biggest reasons why telcos are experiencing diminishing returns is OTT platforms. OTT services like Skype and Whatsapp offer free calls and messaging to users, which eats into the profits earned by telecom operators. However, when you have a telecom charging system that allows you to charge OTT services, you can expand your business by increasing the number of your partnerships.

4. Cloud-based charging system – A cloud-based charging system provides great scalability and flexibility to any telecom business model. It allows for the use of redundancy that prevents the loss of crucial charging information, in case of a disaster. A cloud-based charging system also helps in making a complete switch to the digital platform.